Competition of the city of Novosibirsk on tourism “In memory of YI Romashov” (pedestrian distances)

Восхождение на Белуху 4506м
Непал Треккинг к Эвересту (через Гокио) + пик Гокио-Ри 5360м

Competitions are held September 30-October 1, 2017 in the FGBOU VO “NGPU” among men / women in the distance:

– distance – pedestrian 3rd class (personally M and F);

– distance – pedestrian – ligament 3 class (bunch of 2M and 2J);

– distance – pedestrian – group 3 class (group 4М and 4Ж).

The winner of the competitions in the team event (the team of the municipal formation of Novosibirsk) is determined by the largest sum of points scored by one of the best men’s and women’s groups, the two best men’s and two women’s ties, the results of the best performances of four men and four women in accordance with the calculation table.

A couple of weeks before the start publish the position and conditions for the competition, but for now we are getting ready!